Remote installation of HP Dataprotector 6.20 client on Ubuntu 12.04 with 3.2 kernel

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During std. remote installation (in Manager GUI) installer instantly ends with error – „unsupported platform / OS“.

I found out that problem is with 3.2 kernel version (only with the NUMBER not the code) and the workaround (until HP create patch) is to modify uname.

  • move /bin/uname to /bin/uname.orig
  • create executable script /bin/uname with this:
    [bash]/bin/uname.orig $1 | sed ‚s/3\.2\.0/2\.6\.32/'[/bash]

Explanation: when something call uname and in output is  3.2.0 (real kernel number), then is replaced by ‚2.6.32‘.

After successfull installation you can use orig. uname again – backup work fine.


3 komentáře

  1. Hi, yes the uname works well and returns the 2.6* kernel info.

    Without the uname change DP immediately responds saying its not a supported kernel but with the change it just sits there. Strange that it works okay for you.

    Thanks again for your help.

  2. Hi Jak,

    Thanks for your post, I made the changes like you suggested but the install just sits there and doesnt work. Is there anything else that needs to change?



    • Hi Olly,
      in my case this works.
      Is your „uname hack“ working?
      Try to type ‚uname -a‘ and look on output.

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